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Origami Five-Petal Flower 


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Origami Five-Petal Flower 

Written By: Julie Hudy 


Hot Glue gun & hot glue (1) 
Origami Paper (5 sheets) 
Pipe Cleaners - optional (1) 

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Origami Five-Petal Flower 

Step 1 — Origami Five-Petal Flower 

• The 3 pictures show variations of what you can do with these directions. 

Step 2 

• You will need 5 pieces of paper. 

• Start with color side down. 

• Fold in half on the diagonal. 

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Origami Five-Petal Flower 

Step 3 

• Fold side points to the top. 

• Repeat on other side. 

Step 4 

• Fold back along the crease. Long side of triangle will fold back along the outside crease. 

• Repeat on both sides. 

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Origami Five-Petal Flower 

Step 5 

• Unfold the last fold. 

• You may need to use your finger to help with the "squash" fold. (Picture #2) 

• Repeat on both sides. 

• Fold back the point. You will want to fold down so it's even with the paper. (Picture #3) 

Step 6 

• Open up the unit. 

• Fold in the 2 points on the left and right. 

• Refold the unit. 

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Origami Five-Petal Flower 

Step 7 

• Fold along the crease. 

• You will need a glue gun. I've used sticky dots, but they don't hold over time. 

• Put glue on the outside flap, and roll them together. (Picture #2) 

Step 8 


• Make a total of 5. 

• Glue together as shown. 

• If you want to add a stem, a pipe cleaner works well. Stick it in after the 3rd petal. 

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Origami Five-Petal Flower 

Step 9 

• There you have it. A beautiful flower. 

• Remember the pictures at the beginning of this guide? The possibilities are endless. 

• Have fun! 

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